Power App Performance Measuring

Recently, I needed a way to measure how long some Power Fx code in a Power App took to process. This was so that I could measure the performance before and after I made changes to the Power Fx code, to see if my changes improved the performance. [Spoiler alert: In this case, the performance was actually worse after my changes! Still, by measuring the performance, I was able to know this for sure then change direction…] [Read More]

Power Apps Ideas

Use Power Apps Ideas to generate Power Fx formulas

Picture this: You have a Power App gallery which contains employee name text data using Power Fx formula ThisItem.Name: Next, you want to change the text format from “Peter Gibbons” to, say, “Gibbons, Peter”. However, you’re not (yet) a Power Fx guru. What can you do??? Well, a feature which I’ve found useful is Power Apps Ideas which allows you to transform examples to Power Fx formulas by using the power of AI models. [Read More]