Microsoft Power Platform Certifications

How to get started with Microsoft Power Platform Certifications

Want to learn about Microsoft Power Platform Certifications but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips!

Note: All information and screenshots are correct at time of writing but may be different in future as Microsoft certifications are subject to change (and often do!)

Power Platform-related certification can be found here on Microsoft Learn:

Power Platform certifications list.

You’ll see several certifications with exams prefixed with PL- which cover various Power Platform services such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

However, note that you’ll also see certifications with exams containing different prefixes such as MB- and DP- as some certifications overlap with other non-Power Platform services such as Dynamics 365 and Azure Data Platform.

Which Power Platform-specific certifications are available?

Power Platform-specific certifications can be found here on the Microsoft Certifications poster:

Power Platform certifications poster.

OK, so we now have the following Power Platform-specific certifications:

Which certification should I aim for next?

Some of us like to start with Fundamentals, whereas others completely ignore Fundamentals and jump straight to Associate or Expert level certifications.

Some of us cherry-pick the certifications we want, whereas others like to collect them all! 😄

Pokemon poster.

To help decide which certification to aim for next, check out the Microsoft Power Platform training and certifications guide:

It contains a lot of training and certifications advice, including the following suggested training journeys:

  • Training journey for citizen developers and IT Pros
  • Training journey for developers
  • Training journey for data analysts

For example, the suggested training journey for developers looks like this:

Power Platform training and certifications guide.

Microsoft training and certification guides for all platforms (Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform & Security) can be found here:

Whichever certification you are aiming for next, I wish you good luck! 🙌

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