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Learn about Microsoft licencing and earn certifications

Get Licensing Ready website

Microsoft products such as Azure and Power Platform have a variety of licencing options.

The Get Licensing Ready website provides material to learn about these licences and to take exams to earn certifications for free! 🎉

Courses available

The website contains the following categories:

  • Getting started
  • Microsoft products
  • Microsoft programs
  • New tracks
  • Prior GLR tracks
Get Licensing Ready website categories.

Each category contains one or more courses. For example, the Microsoft products category contains the following courses:

  • Licensing Specialist: on-premises products
  • Licensing Specialist: Online Services
  • Licensing Specialist: Azure solutions
  • Licensing Specialist: Dynamics 365
  • Licensing Specialist: Power Platform
  • Licensing Specialist: Developer tools
Get Licensing Ready website courses.

Each course contains one or more modules. For example, the Licensing Specialist: Power Platform course contains the following modules:

  • Licensing Power BI
  • Licensing Power Apps
  • Licensing Power Automate
  • Licensing Power Virtual Agents
Get Licensing Ready website modules.

Each module contains the following exam resources:

  • Online training video:
Get Licensing Ready website online training video.
  • Handout, a very useful reference:
Get Licensing Ready website handout.

Earn certificates

When you’re ready to take an exam, click on the Start exam button:

Get Licensing Ready website exam.

When you pass all exams for a course, you’re provided a PDF certificate which you can download:

Licensing Fundamentals certificate.

More info

Each exam has between 5 and 25 questions, and the time limit depends on the number of questions.

The pass mark for each exam is 80%. If you don’t pass the exam, you can simply take it again. There is no limit to the number of times you can take an exam.

If you achieve at least 50% in the exam, you will be able to view a transcript.

Each certificate is valid for one year from the time that you took the first module in that track.

The website regularly add and update modules as Microsoft introduce new licensing options and modify existing agreements.

Full FAQ here: