Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps

Use natural language to create Power Apps

Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps with prompt to ‘Build a site inspection details app’.

Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps

OK, I hope you’re sitting down. An announcement was made recently which blew my mind: Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps (preview)!

Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps-created app.

This feature is made possible by use of next-generation AI technology and means you can write a sentence such as:

Build an app to manage music playlists for my favourite artists such as Metallica

(Well, that’s one example but the choice is yours 😄)

And copilot builds it for you!

  • The app: done
  • Data tables: done
  • Sample data: done
  • Back-end logic: done
  • Need to tweak something like adding an extra column: done
  • Need suggestions on how to improve the app: done


Conversing with copilot in Microsoft Power Apps to adjust the design of an app.

But that’s not all. As well as Copilot in Power Apps helping application makers, it also helps end users. Copilot-powered experiences can be placed in-app so users can discover insights in conversation instead of clicks, by asking questions such as:

Which album by The Winery Dogs have I played the most?

(Again, your choice may be different… 😄)

Asking copilot in Microsoft Power Apps a question about data.

It has also been announced that native integration of AI-empowered Power Virtual Agents into Power Apps is now possible. This means that developers can now quickly and easily add a next-generation AI-powered Power Virtual Agents bot to their apps.


I can think of several projects which would have taken days using a pro-code approach, only hours using low-code, but just minutes using copilot in Power Apps.

This feels like a game-changer which has the power to change app development in a big way, definitely something to keep an eye on.

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