My Microsoft Certification Journey

The Microsoft Certifications I've earned so far and why I chose them

My Microsoft certifications.

My Microsoft certifications

I’m very proud to have earned all eight Microsoft Fundamentals Certifications:

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
  • Power Platform Fundamentals
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals
  • Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)
  • Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)

Why I study for Microsoft certifications

Studying for a technical certification, Microsoft or otherwise, is a personal choice which can be motivated by several factors such as:

  • What skills do I need to do my current job?
  • What skills do I need to get the job I want?
  • What benefits will certifications give me?
  • How much time can I allocate to studying for certifications?

My reasons for studying for Microsoft certifications included learning more about Microsoft Azure (with a view to actually using it in my job and side projects), and modernising my skills.

Many vendors offer certifications such as AWS, Cisco, Oracle, and VMware.

However, Microsoft certifications were a good fit for me as my core skills are with Microsoft technologies, and they’re something I enjoy using.

Also, Microsoft tools and services (particularly Azure and Power Platform) have been established for a number of years and continue to evolve so they feel like stable environments to invest my skills in.

Why I chose these certifications

My certification roadmap has changed several times and will likely keep changing going forward. My decisions have gone something like this:

OK, I’m new to this, and others are suggesting Azure Fundamentals to get started. I’ll study for that first then decide what’s next.

[Off camera: I earn Azure Fundamentals.]

Right, that wasn’t too bad. Let’s see what other Fundamentals certifications appeal…

[Off camera: I earn Azure AI Fundamentals, Azure AI Fundamentals, and Azure Data Fundamentals over several months.]

Now feels like a good time to “level up” and see what Associate certifications are available. Oh, what’s that? I’m needed for a Power Platform project…?

[Off camera: I earn Power Platform Fundamentals.]

Seeing as I architect solutions, it would be beneficial to improve my security skills…

[Off camera: I earn Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.]

Oh, I just realised that there is an overlap between Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. I’d like to learn more about that…

[Off camera: I earn Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) and Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP).]

There’s only one Fundamentals certification remaining and I don’t know much about Microsoft 365, so…

[Off camera: I earn Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals.]

Which certifications are next

My core skills are Power Platform and Azure (and they can work well together or separately) so I’m planning on studying for Associate and Expert certifications in both those areas. But, again, anything can change! 😄

How to get started with Microsoft certifications

If you’re considering taking a Microsoft certification, I would highly recommend it.

A good starting point may be to study for Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals which requires passing Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

This was the first certification I earned, and found it an excellent overview of cloud services and how those services are provided with Azure.

If you’re considering getting started with Microsoft certifications, good luck and let me know how you get on!