What is the Microsoft Power Apps Community?

How you can find (and give) help in the Microsoft Power Apps Community

Microsoft Power Apps Community page.

The Microsoft Power Apps Community is a place where you can connect with peers, share ideas, and learn from experts for everything Power App-related.

It’s a great place to find help as well as offer help to others. In fact, when searching on Google (other search engines are available) for answers to Power App questions, I’m often directed to the Microsoft Power Apps Community where, often, someone has encountered a similar issue and helpful folks have responded with a solution.

The site contains various forums (such as News & Announcements, Building Power Apps and Microsoft Dataverse), knowledge bases (such as Community Accounts & Registration), and the Power Apps Community Blog.

For several months, I’ve been a regular visitor to the Microsoft Power Apps Community and help people with their Power Apps questions, mostly for the Building Power Apps forum, as that’s one of my core skills.

My profile has risen through the ranks of Regular Visitor, Helper I, Advocate I, Resolver I, Resolver II, Helper V, Resolver III, and I’m now scaling the dizzy heights of (fanfare, please 🎺) Responsive Resident!

When you engage with the community, you can earn badges. So far, I’ve earned several badges such as:

  • 10th Solution
  • 25th Kudo Received
  • 100th Reply
  • 50 Kudos Given
My Power Apps Community badges.

Here is the full list of Microsoft Power Platform community groups and user groups:

If you’re looking for helping, or keen to help others, with the Power Platform then I highly recommend you check them out!